Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Can't Keep Up

With postings that is....
Every time I take a picture, whatever I took a picture of doubles in size. Take this Tarragon bush for example. It is now twice as tall. For those in the CSA-- the herb garden looks fabulous and you should cut herbs all summer and dry them. Dry them and crumble them up and put them into containers or even little baggies. Then use them all winter and save yourself the cost of buying herbs.

The peppers were planted last weekend in the wonderful cloudy days. I told myself I'd go easy on peppers this year and I again failed. 3 full rows of peppers.... one CSA member told me recently that he still has peppers in the freezer from last fall. Me too-- I still have one and a half gallon sized bags left. This is good! Peppers are easy to freeze and are wonderful to use all winter long.

The garden is going to go quickly as the weather warms up. Beans will go in along with melons memorial day weekend.

And if the garden isn't keeping us busy enough, we did fill in with new blueberry bushes, plant 4 cherry trees, 3 peach trees, more cut flowers, sunflowers and cucumbers last weekend.

We also have 4 new goats (nubian goats), 2 new great pyr guard dogs that come in the next week along with our new Dairy cow Julica who comes on Friday (she comes with a name and we don't feel right changing her name on her as she is 4 years old).

Yes, dairy cow comes on Friday. I have had dreams about making butter and homemade whipped cream for 2 years now........ the dream is going to come true very soon....


Anonymous said...

YAY!! I'm so excited about the cow! Can I milk it sometime?

I'm glad you've put in fruit trees and the blueberries. The blueberries are my favorite.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Will you adopt me?

I know how to milk....

Seriously, when are you finding time to plant with all this rain! I'm so behind.

See you all tomorrow at the Fair.

Annette said...


I love planting in the light rain. last weekend was a wonderful planting weekend.

Of course now the potatoes need to be covered again and for that we need some drier weather.

and yes- A- You can milk the cow or the goat whose name is Cindy--

Jen Nold said...

Hey Annette,

Lucky you that you have rain! It's a drought here in Belgium - has barely rained in more than 2 months!!!

So you can imagine I was curious about the rubber tubing running through one of the pictures. Are you installing some kind of drip tape irrigation? Can you or Mike give me more details?


Jen Nold

Annette said...

Yes and no! The tubing is drip hose, but we just got the real drip irrigation supplies in the mail last week. is where we ordered it all from. Its a bit of an erector set sort of puzzle to put together, but it does work very well.