Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sheep and Wool Festival

We went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival today.  Wow--- lots of sheep and lots of wool.  I think I want to learn to spin- not yet but maybe next year.  I'm getting better at knitting but its a whole level of new 'stuff' when you want to spin.

I have no idea what kind of sheep I'd want for fiber.  Actually, I'd want a little of them all.  Maybe 2 ewes from 4-5 different breeds.  The sheep that I have for fiber I really don't want to create offspring- just have them so that they can be sheared and then have lots of different fiber.  It's good to mix some of the different fibers so that you can create, dye, etc the type of yarn you want.

My beneficial herbs came on Friday.  Those are plants, flowers, herbs that you plant so that they attract the correct bugs that eat all the bad bugs in the garden.

Mike will have to take over this week with the garden posts as well as all the work as I'm out of town all week.  We need a new picture of the garden as it is really started to take shape and look like a real garden!

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