Saturday, May 3, 2008


Last night I quickly planted 70 tomato plants with Kevin.  He helped dig the compost in the wheelbarrow.  He is such a great helper and he is just adorable.  I love the kid.  To see him working that shovel that is as long as he is tall just about brought me to tears.

Today Mike and I went and planted the rest of the tomatoes-- the rest being another 140 plants.  We then planted garlic as well.  We will get showers tonight so the garden should get some needed water.  Mike also planted peas- dwarf and climbing peas on Friday.  

Here is the list of 37 varieties of tomatoes planted:
These are the smaller cherry type tomatoes:  (I envision them all mixed up in a bowl!)
Cheesmans- pear/plum shaped orange/red cherry tomato
Black cherry
Katinka cherry
bi-color cherry
small yellow pear
Kimberly- cherry 
red pear
green grape
gold nugget
christmas grapes
brown berry
yellow plum

Larger tomatoes:
banana legs
golden bison
extreme bush
cherokee red
Heinz 1439
Giant Tree
Red Stuffer- this one looks like a pepper on the inside and you can stuff it- hence the name
Yellow Stuffer
Bisignano #2
Australian Giant Oxheart
Brandywine- pink
Tennessee Heirloom
Orange Heirloom
Principe Borghese (sun drying)
Saucy- good for making ketchup
Sausage- good for canning
Orange Banana
Black Plum Paste
San Marzano
Amish Paste Tomato Heirloom

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