Friday, June 27, 2008

Full Circle

I have come full circle.

Today, I shot at my first groundhog.  I missed.  Im not sure the rifle is sighted in properly as I had the varmint in my sights and it looked like a great shot.  Either I shot just high and he scurried back into his hole, or I winged him a bit and he scurried back into his hole.  He did appear to spin when I shot at him so Im going with that.   

Who is the gopher's ally?  His friend?

The harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit. 

Thats who.


Chatham Gardens said...

When you get the sight fixed, I have a job for you here in Chatham. Chipmunks eating the young shoots of all my lovely flowering shrubs, squirrels who eat all the seed I put out for the songbirds and one adorable baby bunny who lost his mother - actually, he/she can stay. said...

Chipmunks. The wily cousin of the groundhog. Spawned from evil.

Of course, I will help eradicate them for you. Im just not sure what the neighbors would say if they saw a crazed farm boy with a shotgun and a case of beer in your front lawn. said...
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