Friday, July 4, 2008

The Thriving Garden

Cucumbers flowering!  Can't wait for the cucs to start!
Field of beans.  They are starting to flower.

Beans from another view.

First phase of the sweet corn is about 4 feet high.


Swiss Chard.  Beautiful Swiss Chard.  I didn't realize I got a mixture of different colors of swiss chard and so the colors suprised me.  I sauteed it with shallots and garlic (from the garden as well)-- yum!!!

Black seeded simson lettuce.   Perfect for eating!  I've been giving it away by the bagful.  I now need to learn how to stagger the planting so that I get staggered picking.

Dill, basil and cilantro-- my 3 favorite herbs.

The pumpkins are coming up!!! 

This is the field of pumpkins and watermelons.

I'm really enjoying the whole process of gardening.  I even find that I get a sense of accomplishment after I've weeded a section of garden and given my plants another round to grow.  The garden is shaping up fairly well and we now have a watering system in place so I'm diligently watering the peppers and such.  Peppers need about an inch of water a day but I haven't really figured out how large the inch needs to be.  Do you just assume 1 inch for the area 2-3 inches around the plant or is the height taken into consideration?  I will need to research.  

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