Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The girls had their last game today.  They lost every single game this season but they improved 300% from the first game.  Emily has gotten better at pitching and catching.  Margaret has improved on all aspects of her game and boy is she fast.

My favorite story of the season is one where a not-so-nice umpire saw Margaret come out to the plate and looked at her and said "She's too little to catch".  Margaret stomped her foot on the ground and yelled back at the Ump "I am NOT too little and I can catch".  It didn't change the Umps mind but it sure gave us indication that Margaret won't have a problem standing up for herself in life.  

Last week Mike brought a 16 inch Chicago softball to the game and afterwards we hit the ball around.  It started a tradition so we played again tonight.   I think the adults have more fun hitting the ball than the kids.  Mike is a good hitter- today with a 10 foot bounce, he hit the ball over the outfield fence.  I actually thought to myself- aw yeah- I'm married to that guy.

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