Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun with a Prism

Kevin and I had fun last Friday morning playing with a prism.
This is angry Kevin.

Happy Kevin

Long Face Kevin.

Baby face Kevin.  This one was our favorite....


Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Cute pictures -- I like the "baby face Kevin" shot too.

Naomi would love to have Kevin over here for a playdate, and if he would be into that we should find a day and time for that.

BTW, do you know which class Kevin will be in next year? We think that Naomi will be in Miss Welsh's class. (Or, at least, she is the person who signed the school supplies letter we received -- we didn't receive anything from the school specifically about Naomi's teacher assignment.)

Finally, we'd love to sample tomatoes, cucumbers, or whatever other yummy veggies you would like to share. We'll be around all weekend and most of next week.

Hope that all of you are well! The blog is fun to read -- now I know more than I used to about hen panting (G)!


Annette said...

I think Kevin is in Miss Welsh's class as well. I'm sure he'd love a playdate.

I should have showed you how to turn the electric fence on and off when you came for the bonfire.

I'll have Mike give you a call.