Sunday, July 6, 2008

Parties and Groundhogs

We had a lot of tree limbs fall down on the property.  We know we need to get used to this as a weekly task.  What better to do with fallen limbs?  Have a bonfire and a party!

It blazed up 20 or so feet but then simmered down so we could actually roast marshmallows.

The kids had a ball and we lit lots of sparklers.  

The next day Mike made good on his promise to diminish the groundhog population.  
The current count:
2 groundhogs down for the count
1 groundhog injured- we saw him limp back to the hole so we aren't sure if he made it or not

Check out the hole above!  There are about 10 of them around the pasture and we need to bury them and make sure we don't have them on the property as it would not be good for a cow to get a leg in one of those holes.  A human could also break a leg with one of those holes so we are scouting them out to fill them in.

Harvesting the spring garlic and some lavender flowers.
Lettuces are ready as well!


Chatham Gardens said...

Very cool bonfire. Last week I received beets, onions, peas and lettuce from my CSA share. And, of course strawberries for the third week which is totally fine. Its fun to look for recipes based on what I receive which I don't know until the day of pick up. Pickled beets and onions anyone?

A. said...

So cool! Love the idea of s'mores! Such a great summer memory! How can I make 'em in Brooklyn? Would they be as good cooked over a stove?