Thursday, July 10, 2008


I got home tonight and to my delight found that Mike had picked the first batch of Zucchini!  What is hard to see in the picture is that the bucket is deep so there is one more layer under what you can see.  And when I say first batch-- that's about the yield I project to get every 3-4 days.  

My master garden plan is at the farmhouse so I don't know the names of the different zucchini but I think I planted 4 varieties.  I can only figure out 3 of the varieties so 2 of them must look a lot alike.  This weekend we will move beds and such to the farmhouse so soon we'll be able to live there!  Yippee!  (ugh- that means we then have to clean up this house and get it ready to sell....)

So if you need some zucchini- give me a holler and I'll deliver it to your doorstep (assuming you live within the 10 mile radius of Westminster, Maryland).  Although I am back in the Big Apple next Wed and Thursday so if there are any NY'ers out there, I could bring a bunch in a bag on the train.  That paints a funny picture-  I might have to bring a load of zucchini with me on the train just for fun- imagine the looks and comments I'd get.  


Chatham Gardens said...

I guess I am well out of the 10 mile radius of Westminster so I won't ask for a delivery. Fortunately, I had a beautiful Zucchini in my weekly CSA share so I am good for now.

Andy Carpenter said...

Sound yummy -- we're in, and would love to try out whatever you would like to share with us. (The lettuce was great, btw!)

Naomi says "hi" to Kevin!

Andy, Becky, and Naomi