Thursday, July 10, 2008

Groundhog Tally and Farm Vocabulary

3 groundhogs gone (gone is a much nicer word)
1 injured and presumed gone

The groundhog population still needs to be thinned a little bit more before we can bring in the cows.
Mike is working on the grazing plan with the local Ag/Farm center people.  He tells me lots of other things he's doing but I'm not up with the farming vocabulary yet so here is my version.

Next steps: 
Get electric fencing up and working.
Get watering system working.  
Figure out what kind of cows/steers to get.
Get the cows/steers.  

Terminology Lesson (I just learned this myself):
Cow - a female 
Heifer- a young female who has not had offspring
Steer- a castrated male
Bull- male 

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