Friday, July 11, 2008

Reality Check

This weekend we start to move ourselves into the new house.  Not fully move in but enough to live in both houses and keep the old one nice and clean so we can sell it.
So as I walked into the farmhouse this evening I saw a mouse scurry from one end of the kitchen back somewhere between the fridge/sink/stove.  I don't know exactly where it went because I had turned around quickly and headed out the door.  Once I got outside I let out a big squeal.  I then had to take a deep breath and remember that I am now really, really living in the middle of nowhere.  The mice are also likely more scared of me.  So I am going to need to learn to tolerate all creatures or at least learn to control my fright reflexes.  High alert at all times.

In conclusion: 5-6 traps have been set, Isabella (our current house cat) will be moving to the farm shortly and we'll be looking for 4-5 barn cats this week.

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Blue Heron Farm said...

We haven't had them in the house, but the barns (where animal feed is stored) seem to be popular for field mice.

Barn cats rule. I found a rat butt yesterday. But at least it was out in the barn yard. House kitties love to share that kind of treasure. ...get ready. ;)