Sunday, August 10, 2008

Barn cats

If you have been reading our blog you'll know that several weeks ago I found mice in our house. So we decided we need barn cats!  
Today we received our 6 new barn cats.  They are hanging out in a part of the barn that can be closed off.  They will stay in this room for 2 weeks or so to get adjusted and then they are out on their own but come back to this room where we will have food and water for them.

So here is the lineup!  The kids were so excited to name the cats-- some names were the cats original names and some are new.

Stripes =- female- She would not come out of the cage and is likely the most feral of them all.

This is Mickey - male.  He is so friendly and loves to be pet and picked up.  For those who know the saga of our last 2 cats-- we used to have a Mickey but had to give him away to friends as Emily is allergic to cats.  The kids were excited to get a new cat named Mickey.
Mickey already snuck past us when we were bringing in the food and water and Mike had to race into the barn and bring him back to kitty jail.  He has this growl and I think its actually a happy growl.  He'll be sneaking into our house soon enough although he does not like to be confined- so he'll be right back out.

This is Lucy.  She's somewhat friendly and likes to be scratched but she stays just far enough away from you.

This next cat we named Ava (pronounced A-- va) but we are debating the spelling.  She was partially friendly but also hid in the corner all day.

This is Sunflower- female.  This was the name she came with and the kids liked it so it stuck.
She is somewhat friendly as well but shy.  She stayed in the carrier almost the entire day except when we brought out the wet cat food.

This is Ned Smith- male.  He doesn't get along with Mickey as Mickey is the dominant cat in the bunch.  The little girl that had him before named him Ned and her last name was Smith.  Mike thought it was a great name- so Ned Smith it is.  Ned hid most of the day as well.

Since today was their first day, we thought we'd take it easy on them.
Next weekend, they will be given their job assignment on the farm.  Keep the mice, voles and snakes away from the house, barn and away from Annette.  That's it.


Blue Heron Farm said...

That is a really good kitler!

Congrats on your mousers. They are lovely.

Annette said...

mike just told me I should edit the post and remove the kitler reference. Although he was a terrible person - i still find that website pretty funny.

Let's see if they actually catch mice first--- I'm banking on it!

Blue Heron Farm said...

You can edit out both these comments, too if you want.

I, too, think the website is hilarious and I'm a "member of the tribe". But I know what you mean. I also have to do a lot of self editing on my blog, since it is public and our customers read it. But the old farm reports were pretty colorful. In any case, nice kitties. I hope they are good little workers.

aweber9 said...

Stripes looks just like our cat George!