Wednesday, August 6, 2008



I think I picked at least 150 pounds of cucumbers tonight.  And I picked 3 bushels of tomatoes.  At least.

I have about 500 potato plants to start unearthing tomorrow.  They are overgrown with weeds now.  Its gonna be a struggle, but I think I can get most of them dug up in a couple of days.

My entire kitchen is nothing but cukes, zukes, tomatoes and cukes and cukes.  Oh, and cukes.

Stupid cucumbers.

At least I havent had to resort to leaving them in bags on my neighbors doors yet.  They are still taking them gladly and bringing them to work.  

For now...

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Blue Heron Farm said...

I read the funniest post on a discussion board I am on. A new gardener said they planted 11 zuchini plants and wanted advice.

The woman who replied said pull out nine of them.

Cucumbers are about the same. Prolific little buggers.

Too bad you don't have chickens yet. They LOVE cukes. Overripe tomatoes, too.