Friday, August 1, 2008

The Power of Thought

Tomorrow we have another person coming to see the house (the one that is for sale).
The Catholic tradition is to get a St Joseph statue and dig a hole and put it upside down in the dirt in your back yard.  
1.  I don't have a St Joseph statue (I asked my neighbor Julie if I could 'carve' one out of a cucumber and just call it St Joe and just stick in outside upside down in my compost bin) - she looked at me with a stunned expression.  I was serious.
2. I'm not convinced that it actually works

I am thinking that I've read a lot lately about positive thinking and that just by thinking really, really hard about something that you can make it happen.  So I figured that if I thought about getting an offer on the house this week and the rest of you who read the blog could think about it for say 1 minute- then maybe that's all that the St Joseph statue ritual was all about in the first place.  Positive thought.  

All right-- let's see what happens.


Blue Heron Farm said...

I opened my valves to you selling your house. I hope it worked.

The valve thing is imprecise. I may have caused a giant cypress tree to crack in half and fall into our yard,taking two large branches of a live oak with it and narrowly missing our own house.

...The valve god may have only gotten the idea of "get rid of an old house" said...



See what you did? I think you got the wrong valve.

Blue Heron Farm said...

I wonder if I can sue Oprah and friends.

Anonymous said...

hey annette

wanted to tell you that i enjoy reading the blogs and try to look at tem how does one get your pickes here in florida? are you selling them or sending them out to family...i showed my parents your site and they were just amazed...keep up all the hard work.....

Michele from Florida said...


You just give her a call and Im sure she would be glad to Fed Ex you some pickles. Lord knows we have enough to spare...