Friday, August 1, 2008


I made 2 different batches of pickles today.  One recipe from Phyllis that requires no boiling of water and pickles are ready in 2 hrs.  The other was from Joyce and required boiling but still very simple.  Those take about 3 weeks to be ready.

My Babcia (that's grandma in polish) would be proud.  I remember making pickles with her every summer in the basement of their row house in Chicago.  When I think of it, I remember that she made me wear an apron and a head babushka.   Even now, I smell the dill smell immediately and I sense that cool basement feeling.  My job was to put the dill (sometimes the cucumbers) in the jars and screw on the lids.  Great memories.  

The pumpkins and watermelon are taking over the garden.  Although there is one section I need to weed.  I'm pretty confident that we'll be having a fall pumpkin picking day just by the count of the number of flowers.  

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A. said...

those look totally awesome. and I fancy myself a rather serious pickle aficionado. GREAT WORK! LOVE IT! Especially the way it's fun in the present and also brings back all these great memories.