Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Animals are Coming

I deliberately took the time to bring the camera and charger with me to NY so I could post some pictures.  Turns out I forgot the cord to connect the camera to the computer.  I'll try to find one in NYC tomorrow.

So.....We have ducks and chickens on order!!!  We paid for them and they are scheduled to be delivered within 3 weeks.  I think the ducks get here first.  Mike got 15 Fancy ducks-- who knows what we'll get but its a mix of Fancy Ducks!  They are good egg layers so we got them for eggs and also to liven up our pond.

Mike also ordered 25 Barred Rock chicks.  I am sooooooo excited!  
We are still going to get 10 older hens and 1 rooster from our friend Lee.  She is also giving us the 3 goats but we are waiting on the fencing to get done.  Fencing starts next week.  Mike is going to go get the male goat though and bring him to the vet to get fixed.  He will not be a breading goat.

The other exciting bit of news is that some of you got watermelon this week.  Andy I think got the best one that is Yellow inside and called Desert King.  Everytime I open one up it's not quite yellow inside but the one we gave his family was just right!  I was about 3 weeks late planting watermelons so I am taking what I'm getting.

Pumpkins are also growing!!!  I think I'll wait 2 more weeks and then start to pick some so that I know how many we have.  

I also made our purchase for garlic to plant in the fall.  Folks, I ordered a lot of garlic and may give a call out for a trade:  pumpkins in return for helping plant some garlic.  I'm not exactly sure how many individual garlic cloves I purchased, but it's probably in the 750-1000 clove range.   I do know that I ordered about 4 hardneck varieties of garlic and 8 softneck varieties.  The hardneck last about 6 months and the softneck last around a year or a little longer.   I was going to do less but then I thought if we had between 10-20 families and each got 50 garlic bulbs throughout the year then that's at the max end 1000 cloves needed to plant.  So just right.  Now I realize everyone out there may not need 1 garlic bulb a week, but garlic is good for you and if you have good organic garlic of different varieties, then you're likely to use it and therefore your health could improve and you can live a long and happy life.  And all because of your weekly garlic share brought to you by the GreenAkeys CSA.  I'll go back and look at my order forms and do the math to see how much I really have to plant.  (this drives Mike crazy by the way- I'm normally a very organized person, but since my life is very busy, I have to trade off organization for getting things done-  so the garlic is ordered, but I have no idea how much or how much area we need to prepare-- but I'll figure it out in due time (aka 3 weeks)).


A. said...

I love GARLIC! And it is GOOD FOR YOU!
All such exciting developments!

Andrew N. Carpenter said...

The Desert King is marvelous -- the color of the fruit is striking, and the sweet taste is super. As always, THANK YOU for sharing!

Garlic is good and good for you -- as far as we're concerned, the more the better!