Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Ducks

We received the 15 ducks we purchased plus 1 bonus duck today!
I am traveling for work so I had to beg for pictures.

Here is how Mike described his afternoon/evening to me.  
"The kids and I pulled up chairs around the big tub that the ducks are in.  They are in the basement.  We watched the temperature to make sure it was over 90 but under 100 F.  We watched them move as a group to eat, drink water, run around and then fall down and pass out.  Then they wake back up and do it all over again.  So instead of watching TV tonight, we watched the ducks for a few hours.  The kids were mad because I told them they need to wait till tomorrow to pick them up constantly.  We had debates on which duck should be named Quackers, Stripes, etc.  I can't believe I watched them for a few hours today, but they are so much fun to watch.  They are messy, chatty, and pretty darn funny to watch.  I love the 2 runner ducks because they stand up taller than the rest of the ducks.  I still can't believe I have ducks in my basement."


Blue Heron Farm said...

Eeeeee. Baby ducks are the best. Messy and stinky, but the best.

Handle them a lot and they become pets. It's nice, but a caution - then they fear nothing. We had our original two eaten by our bad dog. :(

The new ones are more wild and don't let us pet them, but still let us get close.

Enjoy--I know what you mean about being able to watch them for hours.

Julie said...

So adorable! Keep us posted as they grow!

thestorypoet said...

I love ducks. But they grow really fast and then they try to bite you. Make friendships, that's my advice, but kep them short term for obvious reasons.

Mailbox said...

Just curious, what do you plan on doing with the ducks? Ornamental?

Annette said...

We're handling them as much as possible and they love to watch me dance for them. Imagine that-- Mike gets embarrassed when I do it but the ducklings love it.

mailbox-- they lay eggs and you eat the eggs. I've never had them scrambled but have used them in cakes and in baking and they are great. Use 1 duck egg for 2 chicken eggs.

Carole@Fowl Visions said...

I've never had ducks before. They look very cute and fuzzy. Do they require you to have a pond or water for them?

I enjoyed my visit to your blog.