Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today the chickens came.  25 Barred Rock chicks and 1 bonus chick.  Pullets to be exact.  A pullet is a female chicken under a year of age.  They become a hen after 1 year.
We have no idea what breed our bonus pullet is so it will be fun to find out as she gets bigger. The kids are calling her Shirley.  Emily has wanted a hen named Shirley for a year now.  
She's very happy!


Blue Heron Farm said...

I should warn you - the bonus chicks are sometimes dudes. But you can still call it Shirley. :)

Congrats on your chooks. We have two Barred Rocks. They are so darned purty.

the story poet said...

Chickens! Is the mobile coop up and running yet? And are the ducks still quacking along in the basement? So many questions? Oh, Emily we once had a neighbor named Shirley and she was really loud but wonderfully nice. There is a message in that somewhere. MK