Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Upload Speed

I never really understood upload speed vs download speed on the web until tonight.
The Hilton Garden Inn in Indianapolis has virtually no upload time or they just don't let it happen.  It's horrible.  Period.

So no duck pictures today.  Visualize the last photos with Margaret and imagine that each duck is twice the size.  They are much louder now as well.  

The ducklings are starting to get in their feathers so they are starting to look a bit odd.  You can see their skin through the down.  They do a lot more grooming and shaking of their wings and tail feathers.  I have a great video of this but alas no UPTIME SPEED!!!!

The fencing was also finished today so we can start on the 4-legged animals.  We just need water.  That's Mike's next project.  I still think that the fencing is enough to get the goats and we can do buckets of water until the irrigation is set.  Of course this is not fair for me to say as I'm traveling a lot during the week and if they had to count on me to give them water, they'd die.

Chickens are supposed to arrive this week.  So perhaps Thursday or Friday.  25 chickens to be exact.  

I'm still waiting on the rest of my garlic so that the fall crop can be planted.
We have lots of baby pumpkins and baking type pumpkins so give Mike a call if you want some.
We'll be setting up shop in the next 4 weeks and Mike will be creating the order form for the CSA for next year.  He wants to start with only 10 shares and do it really, really well.  I think that's a great idea.

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Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Am glad the plans for the CSA are coming into focus; Naomi and I enjoy reading the blog together, and all three of us look forward to, hopefully, participating in the Akey CSA next year -- very exciting!