Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Egg Challenge

Kevin making french toast with our eggs!  He's been practicing the last few weekends.  We need more vanilla.

Pop Quiz!
Which egg is the GreenAkeys egg and which one is the grocery store organic egg?
One above is with a flash the one below is no flash.

Answer will be posted on Saturday with some statistics about Pastured Poultry and how eggs from Pastured Poultry are so much better for you.
I also did not break open lots of eggs to do this-- just random eggs from either our farm or the store.

Also-- orders are now being taken for a CSA share and/or egg share for next year.
See for more information.

1 comment:

thestorypoet said...

Kevin, you are growing far too tall. Stop that. You shall be taller than me in six months at this rate!! Can't wait for you to make me French toast with your fresh eggs. You and Maggie are now in competition. I also think I should get a flu shot before I come to your house.