Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Latest

This is Dot.  Dot will be joining our family sometime around January 9!
Dot will be Margarets dog.  We thought it wasn't crazy enough around here so we thought we'd add a puppy to the mix.  We're all excited.  

The kids looking for eggs.  We are still averaging 2.7 eggs a day but I think the rolling average will be getting higher as the days are starting to get longer!!!  Yippee!!!

Success!  2 eggs.  Notice Emily in the background texting.  She got a cellphone for Christmas.  So I guess kids these day don't talk to each other, they just text each other.  It's a whole new world.  I'm not sure who she is texting--- I can only imagine- Hey Zoe, we just got two eggs from the nest boxes.  or rather,  Hey Z, jst got 2 egz frm chknz

This is as close as I've gotten to the sheep.  See Frank in background holding his Lie Down position.  Tomorrow morning I think I might get a good look as I have to break their water trough of the top layer of ice in the morning.  I forgot to put the de-icer out tonight and now it's too dark.

This is my favorite-- picture and man...  :)
The man is in Vermont at a gorgeous farm looking at Belted Galloway.  He'll post pics tomorrow of the herd he is planning to purchase.  I think it's 15 animals in total.  My favorite name is the bull-- his name is Dudley.  


Blue Heron Farm said...

Great photos. Dot is just delicious. Looks like y'all are in for a busy and fabulous 2009.

SteveandAlina said...

Lovely photos!! I just subscribed and can't wait to follow your exciting journey!

Derek said...

Lookin' good there Indiana Jones! I can't believe how busy you guys are in the dead of winter.