Sunday, December 28, 2008


Frank is turning out to be a great dog.  He is pretty good at rounding up the sheep.  A friend got me the book Nop's Trials and I just loved it.  Great book about a stockdog Border Collie named Nop.
We planted 54 blueberry bushes today.  Yes, on December 28th we planted blueberry bushes.  It was probably between 55-60 outside today and the ground was perfect.  Thank goodness because this was the batch that I assumed Shipping Immediately meant shipping immediately by your Zone.  I was the most worried about the blueberry bushes because they are not cheap.  

We'll probably get a few more bushes to round out this area and then we should be set!  Blueberries for life!  And plenty to go into the CSA shares.  Most of the bushes are 2 year plants but 12 of them are 4 year plants that will fruit this year.  

Ah--- now were do I plant those raspberry canes that are still in the Morton building? 


Julie said...

Annette -- I'm curious about which varieties you planted. I just planted my first blueberry bushes last fall, and am looking forward to having at least a few blueberries this coming year, but we only planted three so far (as we are working within the confines of our yard :) I'm curious to know which ones you chose and why.

Annette said...

First, I didn't realize you had a blog- very cool and I just love the layout. I need to learn more about blog layouts- how did you learn?
Second, the blueberries and the kinds. I will recommend a book since I now know you are a book lover. The BackYard Berry Book by Stella Otto.
I should have read the chapter on blueberries more carefully before I went ahead and bought my first batch of blueberries but as my daughter pointed out to me in a gentle way, I learn best by experience.
I purchased Rabbiteye blueberries that should grow very well and are very disease resistant but they are more suited for warmer climates and tend to be a little more seedy (or so the book says).
So you should get a highbush variety, a lowbush or a half-high.
I'm getting more highbush varieties in April from
and from the comments on the website it sounds like those varieties could grow well in lots of zones.
I'll likely experiment with a few more high and half-high varieties.