Friday, December 26, 2008

Thinking about Summer Vegetables in the Cold of Winter

Last summer,  several lucky folks got to try out veggies and tell us what they thought and how much they used in a week.  Here is an email from a happy customer:

"Well I never thought these words would cross my lips, or I guess more appropriately these letters cross my finger tips but why oh why did I defrost that London Broil… with a veritable cornucopia of options sitting on my island when I returned home. All at once I felt like an Iron Chef, my secret ingredients before me.

I went quickly to work in my planning. I would not let a piece of beef distract me from my task. This would have to work. Tonight’s menu would be quickly rearranged to accommodate the new wealth of fresh garden goodness received.

Memory recalled some baby potatoes still in the pantry. These would be roasted on the grill in olive oil, herbs and tonight with an amazingly fragrant and flavorful fresh garlic. Also hitting the grill would be some fantastic fresh zucchini small and succulent, lightly brushed with olive oil and simply topped with fresh ground pepper and kosher salt. Lastly, but certainly not least a leafy lettuce salad with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes topped in a nice Chianti vinegar, organic olive oil and herb dressing.

I did it. I pulled it off and it was amazing. Little credit to the cook and much credit and thanks to the farmers. My future chef’s reaction to the unbelievable flavor of a real cucumber, fresh lettuce and tomatoes was an added bonus. I can now just sit back with the remnants of my glass of wine and the last hint of dinner on my pallet to begin wondering what next great meal will come from my new found bounty."

See for more information about a share this summer.

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