Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was in training today for the times I need to tend the farm when Mike is out of town.  I did not realize this would involve tractor training until I got to the barn and Mike told me to sit in the tractor.  I was nervous (ok petrified) at the beginning but now I'm a tractor lover!

Frank walks behind the tractor and keeps the sheep away from you.  Not really the cows yet as he's not sure what to do with them yet, but I have hope as he was like that with the ducks until he realized that they could be herded.

Delivering hay to the cows and sheep.  Timothy for the cows and Alfalfa for the sheep.

The cows really don't like to mooove out of your way.  I had to push Mariah and she finally moved for me.  When they see you coming, they literally run over to the hay.  Mike gave me tips on how to get the hay in the feeder without getting trampled.  

Mike also got me my own leatherman tool.  It has a bunch of knives, saws, etc on it.  I'm getting the knife out so that I can cut the twine around the hay.

I like the cows, the steers on the back field are bigger and flighty and there are more of them so it'll take me a little while to get confident around them.  I think the steer may have to do without the hay when Mike is gone.  They have plenty to eat as the back pasture is still full of grass.

The 200+ chicks arrive in 2 weeks so Mike is busy building and moving around the current chickens.  Presidents day weekend will be a good time to visit if you want to see the farm and the baby chicks.

CSA count is up to 10 families and we are stopping at 15 and then a waiting list starts.   If we get 12 on the waiting list then we'll hire someone to help out as we really don't want to do more than 15 families on our own.  So if you haven't signed up, please let Mike know so that you don't get put on the waiting list.


SteveandAlina said...

Great job on the tractor! I'm very impressed!! said...

She puts the "Sexy" back in Tractorsexy.

Or something.

Julie said...

Awesome! I want to learn to ride a tractor!

Blue Heron Farm said...

This is all fabulous. Can you believe how far you've come this year? We are so excited for you. said...

I need a vacation.

Anonymous said...

You guys make me feel tired just watching this blog. I will have to come out for a visit soon. Probably in July for Heather's company picnic.
K and H

Anonymous said...

The cows look so nice. *sigh* Although the snow here is driving me bonkers. Looking forward to coming back out in the spring.
Cheers, Vanessa