Friday, February 6, 2009

Beef Tongue-- Ever Tried It?

Mariah is my favorite cow.  Not only is she a cool color, but she's friendly as well. 
Today she came over to me just to say hi.  I let her sniff me and she licked my hand.  All I could think about as she licked my hand was that one time when I was about 11 years old my grandmother (Busia Lillian) served my brothers and I tongue for dinner.  She kept calling it beef, but it sure didn't look like beef to us.  We kept saying, this is beef?  What part of the cow is it?  Is it liver?  Mom doesn't cook us beef that looks like this.  My grandmother kept insisting it was beef but my grandfather had a goofy look on his face so we weren't falling for the beef story.  I don't really remember eating it or if I did it was such a small morsel that it wouldn't have counted anyway.  

Ok, now I'm laughing because I have to describe how she prepared it.  It wasn't sliced up or disguised in any sneaky way.  It was literally the tongue on a rectangle corningware plate and I think it was cooked in the oven- but just a few seasonings and salt on the top.  It looked so funny.

Now after being licked for the first time by a cow, I'm pretty sure I'll never eat beef tongue- unless someone tells me it's out of this world and I don't know what I'm missing.  But then again, maybe even that won't convince me.
How about you?  Anyone know if it actually tastes good? 
Check out this link to see a beef tongue--- guess there are lots out there who say it is good. 


Sue M. said...

I just hope you never eat Mariah beef tongue. If you do, don't ever tell me!

Chatham Gardens said...

Next time you go to NYC go to Carnegie Deli and order a tongue sandwich - absolutely yummy!!!

dutchsneaker said...

I had tongue once; the texture was too much for me, kind of like chewing your own tongue-blech!