Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Backyard

I couldn't get this one to load last night.  This is our backyard.  My favorite place in the world to relax.  I'm starting to like the cattle more.  The steer kind of scared me, but now I can see that they are not as big as the cows or Dudley the bull.  

Mike sent me an email today and said he is going to process the first set of broilers ASAP.  Not sure if that means today, tomorrow or this weekend.  He has ordered another 100 chicks for our next round.  We found that we didn't like the cornish cross breed even though they grow quickly and is the variety of chicken that we as a country eat most often.  The cornish cross just looked funny, they eat all the time and then just lie there stuffed and they don't feather out quickly so they look partially naked.  This makes them great for production (low cleaning of feathers and quick growing) but we just don't like them.  So we are going to raise the slower growing variety that look and act like chickens.  We hope this other variety will be a better quality chicken as well.  We'll be trying out the first batch and if we think they are acceptable for sale we'll let everyone know.  If not, we'll wait for 2 more weeks when the White Rocks and some of the other heritage breeds will be ready to process.

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SteveandAlina said...

Could you please explain - what is a heritage breed?