Monday, April 20, 2009

Chickens and Veggies

Mike processed chickens on Saturday and I didn't get a single picture.  It was so fast and we had visitors to the farm that by the time I got out my camera, he was bringing me the cleaned birds and I got the job of bagging them up.  We learned a lot this time about how big a bird should be and how to feel it to see how big it will be.  They were too big to go into the vacuum bags so we had to use ziplock bags.  They are roaster sized-- 6-8 lbs per bird. 
So the result and the taste test on Sunday night for dinner...... pretty darn good.  I'll be a tiny bit critical in that I have had a tastier chicken but it might have been a different breed.   When we process the White Rock chickens in about 3 weeks I'll have something to compare with these cornish cross chickens.  The meat was definitely tender and juicy and had a lot of flavor.  Our family couldn't finish the bird it was so big--and we love chicken.

The other item consuming time is seedlings and planting.  Above is a not so great photo of my makeshift greenhouse area.  Lots of tomato seedlings in the background ready for individual pots.  I'll be selling heirloom tomatoes at the MSW open air market on May 2 and at the Ag Center in Westminster on May 9th.  I have around 100 different varieties of tomatoes that I'll be selling and 60 or so that are heirloom.  The ones that don't get sold will go into the garden along with the others that are designated for the garden.

Planted so far:
Onions-- lots and lots of onions 
Swiss Chard
Lots of lettuces
Arugula (3 varieties)
Peas-- snap and snow peas mostly
Some asian greens
Horseradish (first time for this)

Mike is almost ready to say the CSA is full.  We only wanted 15 members and we are now at 13.  So 2 more spots left and then that's it for this year.  I have a feeling by end of this week we'll be filled up and will have to tell everyone else to join another CSA or to come see us at the Ag center and get on a waiting list for next year.

I'm happy that it is raining these 2 days.  I just finished planting more onions and more lettuce and spinach this weekend.  I love it when mother nature does your watering for you!


the story poet said...

Annette, I just looked at ACF Portable Greenhouses. Very cool. Different sizes, prices start at $249 upwards to $800. Check it out, not much help this season unless you want to germinate throughout the summer for your fall plantings.

Sue said...

Hey I'll buy 3 tomatoe plants from you if you don't mind bringing them to NY when they're ready. I was about to place an order for heirlooms from White Flower Farm but I'd rather buy them from you!