Friday, April 24, 2009

Tilling...... so easy now

This picture was from several weeks ago, when I asked Mike to till me up some areas to start the garden.  If you had seen pictures of him tilling up the ground last year, you'd notice a huge difference.  Last year he had a tiller that was about 2 feet wide that he had to walk behind and this year he's got it made with the tractor tiller that is about 15-20 feet wide.  This means that in about an hour he can till me up more than I can plant in 2 days.  This is a good thing!

Next step, I get lessons on how to do it myself....I really want to learn how to drive the tractor.

Potatoes were planted today.  Well, almost all the potatoes.  I'm still waiting for one more order but when I called to check on it they said it was canceled.  I'll be calling back later for a status report as this last order had some of the unique varieties like the blue potatoes and the purple fingerling potatoes.  

We had another baby lamb today, up to 12 lambs now.
Pigs come tomorrow......
In Oct/Nov, pork, lamb and beef will be added to our meat products!!  Yum, yum.

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