Sunday, April 26, 2009


Eggmobile is in full swing.  The chickens have finally learned how to go in the house at night.  These chickens start laying eggs in about 8 -14 weeks.  Wide range as I think they'll go faster as the days are longer and its so warm outside.  
We still have the other 50 chickens laying eggs and getting 4 dozen of eggs a day.  If you need eggs, let Mike know.  We're matching supply and demand pretty well right now but next Tuesday we might be down to our last dozen even for ourselves!  But then by Wednesday we'll be back in business again.
I would say we're at 99% repeat business. Once you try the eggs, you will be hooked and we are glad.  These eggs are so much better for you.

Spring lambs.  You'll see that the mother is shedding her coat.  These are Katahdin sheep and they are bred for meat so no shearing.
Another Mama and babies.  These lambs are huge!  We'll have good lamb for sale in October/November.  Maybe even earlier on one lamb.  

And just when we thought we were done lambing, another mama had a baby.  Mike is putting iodine on the umbilical cord.  She must have just gotten pregnant a few weeks before we bought her.  This should be the last of the lambs.  We have 12 now.  We just set up the sheep handling equipment yesterday.  We now need to figure out which to keep and which to cull.

Pictures of pigs to come later.  We got 3 little pigs--- and you know that little song--- And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home?   The pigs honestly make that sound, WEEEEE, WEEEE, WEEEE, WEEEE (but you have to say it really, really fast).  I've never laughed so hard.  I will get an audio clip later. 

For those who have not made it out to the farm...please come for a visit!  We'd love to show you around!