Thursday, June 4, 2009

The First Tomatoes!

You have to look closely in the center of the photo and you'll see a little tomato starting!!
I'm now a big fan of these red water walls that surrounded the tomato plants since the 2nd week of April.  I have about 25 tomato plants flowering and I found 4 of them with small tomatoes!  

Edit to the last post for the CSA-- snap peas were not abundant this Tuesday but after all this wonderful rain the last 2 days, they have all popped out.  So next week the snap and snow peas will be in the boxes.  Mike and the kids will be up early on Tues/Thursday to pick these.  They are so good the first 24-48 hrs and nothing compares.  They are still great after 24 hrs-- but when they are so soon off the vine they are amazing!   So plan your meals for next week now and include snow/snap peas in it.  I personally love them just sauteed in olive oil and garlic scapes.  The garlic scapes keep popping out....we think we got most of them and then oops...there are more!

Next week will have more garlic scapes, lots more lettuce,  some swiss chard, and some spinach in addition to the snap peas and snow peas.  We are also getting some basil from another local grower.  There is also some arugula that will be off on the side for those that like arugula.  It's really, really spicy arugula.  One of our CSA members says that she has a recipe for arugula with cantalope and that sounds like a great combination of flavors.


Jen Nold said...

Hey Annette,

Great to read and see your progress! I'll have to try those red tomato shields - great idea.

Well, I managed to get your tomatoes through Belgian customs with barely a raised eyebrow. (Barely.)And they're doing great - much better than my own. I'll have to try some of that seaweed extract next year. I love the Silvery Fir and how the leaves are so different.

I'm eating peas, lettuce, ruccula, radishes... and all sorts of other stuff is also on the way. Have you planted purple kohlrabi as well? It's gorgeous! I have a net over my cabbage bed to keep the cabbage fly away - not sure it's the same as what you've got. It lays eggs which then hatch and eat the roots. Not good. Lost a few plants to that and netting seems to be helping - just draped over the top, like it looks like you're doing too.

Learning about some kind of stinging nettle stew to treat aphids. Hmm...

Oh, and looking at your thistles - have you discovered those flame-thrower kinds of weed killers? GREAT idea - I borrowed one from someone and think I'll buy one soon. Certain plants will take several treatments (dandelion), but seems to work great and is definitely organic.

Hi to Mike!

Jen from Belgium

SteveandAlina said...

Annette, reading your blog is making me HUNGRY!! said...

Annette doesnt want me with a tank full of propane and a flame thrower. I might never come back inside.

At least not with my eyebrows intact.