Monday, June 1, 2009

Picture Free Update

A farm blog without pictures is not very exciting so this will stay short.

Lots more planting this weekend of the warmer weather veggies.  It was a gorgeous weekend to plant and I loved getting in the dirt!
Eggplant, more edamame and beans, peppers (hot, bell, red, yellow, green, drying ristas, you name it), sweet corn, basil, zinnias, more herbs, more lettuce, more asian greens, more lettuce, more cucumbers, brussel sprouts transplanted, broccoli re-transplanted, more radishes, more beets and a few more tomatoes.  Seedlings being germinated for kohlrabi, more cucumbers, more pumpkins, watermelon, cabbage and cauliflower.  

I've learned that certain plants need row covers to keep those little black fleas off the leaves.  So I'll be investing in more floating row covering or a hoop to go over those veggies.  The bugs went away last year around July so it must be only a spring problem.

This is the first week for CSA pickup.  Lettuces, snap and snow peas (fabulous!), garlic scapes (never knew a green stem could taste so wonderful), radishes, and some broccoli raab are ready this week.  

Pictures will be added later this week.


Blue Heron Farm said...

We had a serious flea beetle invasion here, too. I let them eat the outer leaves of the Chinese cabbage and the leaves on the Brussels sprouts and it kept them happy enough to leave the real veg for me. But I still hate the little ^%#^$^s.

I used to buy beautiful bouquets of zinnias and basil together. I highly recommend throwing some together when you start cutting. They look and smell delish.

Annette said...

I'm now learning that the flea beetle is a spring-time pest which I can confirm because the same plants were fine Aug-November.

The row cover does ok but you still get some little holes. I've heard there are some organic pesticides but I really don't like putting anything but water on my plants. Once in a while I'll do this seaweed organic 'juice' to help the roots establish but that's it.

I do not like them either.....