Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 2 Update Part 2

I forgot to post this last week due to traveling.... so although it's a little late... here is the part 2 update from last week. I need to start pictures for week 8 days the garden looks so different!

Animal pictures first....

Pigs are really hard to take pictures of. Or at least mine are...they move around a lot!
But they are still fun and I really do like them. Not as much as I like whole-hog sausage though...

These chicks are 3 weeks old and a pretty good size so far. Pretty soon they'll be ready to go outside and we'll be ready for the next batch of chicks.

These are pumpkins and watermelons that are germinating. This year I got some seedless watermelons as well for the CSA. In order to grow a seedless watermelon you need to plant seedless watermelon seeds in the middle of seeded watermelons.
I also have again 20 or so varieties of pumpkins. Some are jack-o-lantern pumpkins and some are different types of cooking pumpkins.

The kids were so excited for Week 1 of the CSA that they helped Mike with the CSA sign and Mike said they waited near the refridgerator area almost the whole day.

Here is the broader view with the walk in fridge in view. Yes, we have a walk-in fridge for the CSA pickup. You need to have a big fridge for all the veggies. It's a long story of how we got the fridge but it was a great deal (let's just hope it lasts a few years).

The tilled area down in the pasture now has 5 rows of corn planted to the left hand side. One type is a 68 day variety and the other is a 79 day variety. The watermelon and pumpkins will be planted in this area in another week.

More lettuce growing quickly with all the wonderful rain.

More lettuce--- Mike says this is the best batch of lettuce because he planted this batch.

View lookingi down at the middle section of the garden. The tomato, pepper, eggplant, bean area.


Flowering tomatoes!!!

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