Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 3 Update

Wow.... uploading pictures can be slow.  

But during the uploading there is much time to hunt for new seeds!
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.... yes, that's what I hunted for and will be growing a lot of it to grow in order to dry it for the winter.  I (of course) will need Mike to build me a big dehydrator...  but he's been warned.  I don't think I'll be able to stop my farming obsession until I can make all my own food... the hardest part will likely be grinding grains for flour..... but give me 3 years and that'll be on the list as well.

So we'll likely be offering a 'dried herb' winter package in the future..... stay tuned.  
We still have 3 more spots available for Summer/winter shares.  $300 for at least 8 weeks starting 3rd or 4th week of July thru at least end of Sept and likely into October.  This offer is not on the general website as we really only want to offer it to folks who read the blog and who might have missed out on the entire season share but still want the tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, pumpkins, etc.

This is the eggplant, bean, tomato area.... lots of green.... wait for 1 more week and this picture will be so different!  I love it!  

The zucchini/squash row.... almost flowering.

Garlic..... getting brown tips so I wonder how much longer?   Maybe 3-4 weeks and it will be ready to pick.

Lots of great lettuce in the CSA share this week.  GREAT lettuce.  Spicy lettuce, cool lettuce, light lettuce, purslane, etc.-- Then there is the swiss chard.... yum!  cooked with garlic scapes... yum, yum!!

See the Bantam Rooster in back?  He is so handsome!  After Shirley Joe was eaten, Road Runner (as the kids call him) has become quite the rooster..... he is by our 4 guinea hens.

These are the Bared Rock ladies coming to say hi to me.  They know me as the food source.  Usually I bring them good treats--- watermelon rinds, lettuce, tomatoes.... they love veggies.

The 6 day old Cornish Cross chicks.  We'll see how this batch does.  In 5 weeks these chicks will be 3-4 lbs and ready to process.

2 eggmobiles.  The large one has the 200 hens that are almost ready to lay eggs.  I'm not sure how we'll handle cleaning 200 eggs a day but we'll figure it out.  There are also 4 week old meat birds in the smaller hoop house.  Yum, Yum--- 5 more weeks.   
The garden area now has 3 plantings of corn, watermelon, pumpkins and lots more tomatoes (as if I needed more tomatoes....but I couldn't let them die).
Potatoes.....don't they look fabulous!  The Irish in mike is shining through!

Sweet potato plant in the weeds.  I hope they grow this year.... 





Raspberries--- will be a small crop this year-- but next year should be great!

Farm Visit and the highlight of our weekend!!!!

We are not getting a horse someday....lessons are so much easier

I have this fear that she'll turn 16 and she'll just go buy her own horse and bring it home....

That's it for this week in the garden.  Our small border collie has found her purpose in life.  She LOVES sheep and I also knew she'd be a cattle dog.  She took on several cows and she even stood her ground with Dudley the bull.  It was absolutely adorable.  She barked and barked at the cows and kept looking back at me for approval.  I said good girl Dotty and smiled at her.  (you are supposed to encourage and reinforce that she's doing a good job or else she'll lose her confidence)  
She just needs training.... but she will be a great dog and she's also great with Frank.  Together, both border collies can herd a group of sheep in no time at all.  We also added to our sheep flock with 8 or 9 more sheep.  We might be up to 32 sheep?  I'm losing count!!!

We are applying for Guard dogs.. to protect against the foxes and whatever else.   It's a long application from the rescue but guard dogs are also not pets-- they are guard dogs.  There are 2 named Muck and Luck that could be available-- great names, huh....  who knows.... we'll see if they accept our application.  

For those with the blog for a long time.... please give a moment of pause....  Spike is gone.
We believe he was taken by the foxes.  We need to find a way to keep the ducks safe without them being fenced in the electric netting.  RIP Spike.  :(


SteveandAlina said...

Everything looks wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful. You can provably save time uploading the photos by reducing the size and resolution before uploading. You can use software like Iphoto or Photoshop and set the resolution to 72 dpi and it will be much faster.

Sue said...

So sad to hear about the loss of Spike :-(