Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 5 Update- Garlic

Week 5-- oh my goodness and thank goodness.

2-4 more weeks of lettuce and then no more lettuce till September-- I'm a little tired of lettuce... on to Swiss Chard and Zucchini.

This was the sign from last week. I thought I'd photograph it so we'd have a visual record of what we had each week for next year.

So this week--- little bit more lettuce and snap peas-- but bring on the garlic and zucchini!!!
Shallots are almost ready as well. Tomatoes are green--- growing but green.

This is 1/2 of the garlic in the barn ready for me to tie it up to dry.

Beautiful garlic. I planted hard and softneck garlic. Garlic in a grocery store is just about always softneck garlic because they can automate some of the picking and it also stores well. Softneck garlic can store for a year or more. Hardneck garlic stores 2-6 months. I had 12 varieties of in total planted.

This week we'll start by giving you random varieties in your box and then let you pick a few a few extra bulbs of garlic from a blue bin. We had some that the tops came off and so we had to dig the garlic out of the ground with a shovel. So we are going to be eating those first as those will not last as long. There is a reason why it's better to cure the garlic with the tops on them I'll find out later and tell us all why-- these lost their tops so we'll eat these first.

Below is a bin of a softneck variety.

One more tilled up area. This area is popcorn, winter squash, more summer squash and more pumpkins and gourds. I've never grown popcorn before so I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what I got. I wasn't sure on the pumpkins growing in the lower level garden and I had lost some that didn't germinate properly so I figured you can never have enough pumpkins.....


Blue Heron Farm said...

Awesome! We want to buy garlic if there is extra. We can paypal you for whatever you can send and a flat rate USPS box. :)

SteveandAlina said...

Everything looks wonderful! said...

If there is EXTRA? How much do you want? Its beautiful stuff.

As soon as it is dried and cured, we will box up a bunch and send it out.