Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 6 Part 1

Evidently, you can do a lot of editing of photos with your iphone. These are all pictures from Emily's iphone. Below is a rendition of Groucho Marx by Emily. This is a photo from last year.... no red tomatoes yet--- but bigger green ones. I'm thinking maybe we'll have to do a round of green tomatoes and the CSA members can make fried green tomatoes for a week.

This is Mariah-- love her eyes! Google eyes are always fun!

This is our new lady rabbit Daisy.
She is a silver fox rabbit. She won't be able to have bunnies for 2-3 more months so it'll still be a while before we can sell rabbit meat. But coming soon.... we ate some of this type of rabbit a few months ago at dinner and it was delicious!
(yes, we're crazy for adding another animal to the farm-- but we've had lots of requests and it was hard to find this kind of rabbit to buy-- one of these rabbits came from West Virginia)

This is the male rabbit named Xenopholius. Xeno is Luna Lovegood's father (for those that aren't up on their HP trivia)

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