Monday, July 20, 2009

Green Akeys CSA Iron Chef Returns

We have one CSA Iron Chef.  If there are more of you out there then send in a picture and maybe we'll have to have a competition.  Mr CSA Iron Chef's main goal is to come up with a meal using only farm fresh ingredients (other than olive oil, etc).  His greatest challenge is to combine all the ingredients in one box into a meal.  I keep thinking that one week I'm going to make him up a box with all sorts of things and see what he creates.

Wow-- Check out this dish!  All with farm produce and chicken.

Squash, snap peas (hmmm- did he freeze them or did they just last that long as I thought snap peas were done 2 weeks ago?), fingerling potatoes and chicken.  
I believe 2 types of garlic were used as well.  One garlic type with the potatoes and another with the veggies.  He probably threw some shallots and onions in there too but I can't tell from the picture.

This week more potatoes--- they are large white fleshed potatoes.  The name of the potato-- not sure because my veggie marker ink wore off the marker and I never got around to writing the potato names in my little book (I figured why take the time when I have these cool markers in the ground).  I'll have to look through my records and see what I bought and match them up after.....  :)

We are HOPING!!!!  for rain so we went outside tonight and picked 45 lbs  of potatoes till it was too dark to tell the difference between a potato and a rock. (yes, I weighed the potatoes after picking them)

Let's all do a rain dance as we need some rain and I am tired of watering.  I'm glad our well is done and we can water, but a nice rain would be so much better.

The Color Ranger chickens are processed and in the fridge/freezer!!!  This is the bird we'll grow from now on as it is fabulous.  They are all around 3.8-4.5 lbs.  Flat price of $15 each.

We will have a batch of cornish cross in 2 weeks.  Those are the same kind of chickens you buy in the grocery store but they also have a much better taste when grown on pasture.  Lots of white meat on the cornish cross whereas the color rangers have less white meat.  

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