Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's NOT our Farm that Smells

Oh my goodness.  I just turned on the AC-- not because it's too hot-- we have great breezes and we really don't need the AC on.

The AC is on because of the AWFUL smell of either a papermill nearby or someone who is turning sludge or turning up their field.

I came home this evening and watered the pigs and then as I walked away from them I thought it was the pigs.  They are a little stinky but they actually do a good job mixing up and composting their own straw.  So I thought, they need more straw.  But then as I kept walking and driving around the farm I realized it wasn't the pigs. 

Then I thought-- did something die?  I had to deal with my first dead chicken last night so I thought, oh gosh what's next.  (some of our birds are older and they just keel over and die sometimes-- it's normal).  So I drove around the farm looking for something dead.  I got down close to the ground to see if it was the compost pile or the meat birds.  No dice.  The compost pile does smell slightly but it smells like compost.  And the chickens were also fine.  I can't believe I leaned down to smell the chickens.....

Then Kevin says "yeah, Mrs W and kids thought the smell was our farm".  Kevin was swimming at their house today which is about 3 miles as the crow flies from our house.  So then I knew the smell was not our farm, but another farm or field that was just fertilized or manured.  Or I guess it could be a paper mill.  The smell is far to chemical smelling as I realized after inhaling it for 20 minutes..... ugh!

If you are in the group that still hasn't picked up your box this week.... just keep your AC on in the car and breathe deeply before you run to get your stuff.  I sure hope the rain that is coming wipes the smell out.

2 comments: said...

Im going with the Paper Mill. Did a storm just go through? If the low went through the backside of the low pressure will bring in wind from the northeast. That puts us downwind from the paper mill in Spring Grove. I hate that smell.

SteveandAlina said...

I bet it is the paper mill. There are a lot of paper mills in Charleston, SC where I used to live. It's definitely an industrial "something died" stench. Ugh, hope the wind turns for you soon!