Friday, July 24, 2009

What to do with a Dead Chicken

Kind of like the song, 50 Ways to leave your lover.

I've been running the farm as Mike is away and so far I'm 3 for 3.
3 days he's been gone, 3 dead chickens.

The first must have died of old age and it just fell over and died.  So that one went in the dumpster because it was trash day.

The 2nd was likely crushed by the meat birds in the storm.  It was a laying hen that got crushed.  This is also extremely common with birds in corners and extremely common with turkeys.  This chicken got buried in a shallow grave up the hill near the deer.

The 3rd today got shoved down a fox or a groundhog hole and covered with some straw.  This one might have been an injured bird that didn't make it from the fox attack 5 days ago when Mike was here... so this one might not count as a chicken death today.

So either I'm at 1 a day or I'm at something worse like an exponential curve.  Let's hope its not....

I'm happy to report all other 380 or so birds are still alive and quite happy.  I think they are happy that I'm the one feeding them as I talk to them and they talk to me.  They like singing as well and they don't care that I'm a horrible singer.

We will be getting turkeys August 5th.... Mike will be back to keep those alive!!


SteveandAlina said...

Sorry to hear about those 3! But 3 out of 380 is less than 1% so that seems like a good survival rate to a non-farmer like myself!

Vince said...

Compared to the corporate layoffs of the last year, 1% is nothing! :)