Sunday, July 26, 2009


It's going to be hard to do a Week 8 update without a camera.  
I'll have to get the flipvideo and see how that works.

The good news is that the tomatoes are ripening and I don't see evidence of blight.  I got worried when people kept telling me about it.  At the 5th person I went out to do a whole inspection of the garden.  So no blight that I can tell, however I do have some tomatoes with bottom rot-- which is not a blight, but rather a calcium deficiency.  I plant them in compost so they seem to do well with that but this can also be caused by excess water when the plants were young and blossoming and the blossoms then get too much water and not enough nutrients.  I haven't found a large number of tomatoes like this but ones around the same age of growth.. so ones that were likely blossoming during the heavy rains.  

The cherry tomatoes and early tomatoes are starting to ripen so there will be some tomatoes in the CSA this week.  In 4 weeks, we'll be calling these first tomatoes--- Boring!- but right now they are wonderful.   

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SusanB said...

Yum! Tomatoes! I can't wait!!!