Thursday, August 6, 2009

2 things that are not at all related

We have a lot of eggs.  Eggs are a funny business.  You need to have them to sell them and it is unknown when you'll exactly get the right sized eggs from the hens.
Horrible variability for planning your operation.  
But, we now have almost all the right sized eggs and almost all the hens are laying.
We are selling egg shares off the farm so if you haven't signed up-- now is the time!  
$5/dozen if you just want them once in a while and $4/dozen if you sign up for 20 weeks of eggs.
We will likely start the Westminster downtown Farmers Market for the last few months and see how many we can sell there.  We're waiting for the final confirmation on being 'let in' so I'll let all know if we do get in.  
If you need eggs, let us know and they'll be ready for you in the fridge.

We are also getting credit card services so if you want us to charge you for chickens and soon meat and/or eggs, you can pay via credit card/debit card if you'd like.

Grandma was visiting for a few weeks and brought these funky face masks.  They are so lifelike.  These would be great at a party after a few drinks-- although they were hilarious without the drinks as well.


SteveandAlina said...

Funny! For some reason, the bottle of Windex in the background really cracks me up in this photo!!!

Phebe said...

More anecdotal evidence: my picky 5 year old who no longer likes all the healthy stuff she liked as a baby also loves oily fish (even canned!)
If I were local I would totally go for your eggs!