Saturday, August 8, 2009

Omega 3's

I'm noticing a trend.
When people try our eggs, they do love them and comment on the yolk color, how the whites are nice and thick (that means grade AA or AAA for the whites or something close to that).

BUT.... the people who say they TASTE wonderful and who WANT them..... and who EAT them like crazy.....

I can tell you that every single parent who has commented to me about the eggs and who has fed their child these eggs and has a child that can talk has told me that their children love these eggs.  They tell me stories that the kids liked the green tinted eggs the best and that they can't get them to stop eating the eggs.   I get this same story over and over and over.  

So I started to wonder why?  Why is this?  Isn't that odd I say to Mike?  He looks at me as if I have 3 eyes, but then I continue..... there has to be a connection.  For those that know me well, I have this rule-- when you hear the same thing three times- there could be a pattern and you should investigate.  Some people tell me I'm intuitive-- I believe I just listen well and connect dots.  

So I narrow the data.  I've heard this from parents with children as young as 3 and as old as 21. So it must be people that are growing.  What does a growing body need?  
What is in these eggs that is not in other eggs?
Hmmm... the good Omega 3's.  I wonder if the green eggs have more Omega 3's than the brown eggs?

Why would children's bodies be craving Omega 3's?  
Well, the research is out there on Omega 3's.  I had no idea how important it was to a growing body and a growing brain.  
I've not distilled it to find the best article that isn't selling Omega 3 supplements but Omega 3's are evidently very important for growing children.  Here is one that talks about the benefits of pastured eggs.  

So just like pregnant women have cravings and all of us have cravings when our body is lacking a certain vitamin or mineral, our kids bodies are saying "I like what is in those eggs"  Give me more!!!  Their bodies are lacking something-- something that is in the eggs.

My oldest child has eating issues- she forgets to eat, she only eats certain things, she can be cranky when she doesn't eat correctly, etc.  But now that I am writing this, I realize that when I have hard boiled eggs and she eats 1 a day, she is a more balanced child.  I am going to have her help me with an experiment and see if there is a cause and effect.  The interesting thing is that as picky as she is - she loves salmon.  The kind that is wild with Omega 3's.  We eat a lot of salmon as a result.  Hmmmm... the dots are being connected even more.  

If anyone has researched Omega 3's and the importance to developing children, please comment with a posting.  I think there is a reason why kids love the fresh eggs and if it helps them grow and develop then I'm even more hooked on pastured eggs. 


SteveandAlina said...

I have researched nutrition for kids (I have a 2.5 year old and 1 year old). Dr. Sears is a preeminent pediatrition with a web site full of advice for parents based on science. We did discover eggs are a great food and we usually have hard boiled eggs in the frige. I also buy his Omega 3 DHA supplement and give it during the winter and prior to and just after the kids receive a immunization because Omega 3s are also a great boost to the immune system. I checked his web site this morning and found a good article on the nutrition of eggs, especially from free range chickens. Here is a direct quote: "In fact, research has proven that better chicken feed results in better eggs. Free-range hens allowed to forage on barnyard plant food produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol than commercially-fed caged hens. Studies comparing eggs from the average hen-laying factory with those of free-range chickens fed diets high in essential fatty acids showed the chicken on a healthier diet produced eggs higher in the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids." And here is a link to the whole article on eggs. Sometimes the site will ask if you want to join a newsletter but you can click "No" at the bottom. We spend extra to buy free-range eggs at the grocery store... wish we lived near you so we could buy fresh from you! Everyone in your CSA and egg share is soooo lucky! said...

Dont buy free range eggs at the grocery store. They arent free range eggs. They can call it that if they open the door at the end of the chicken house. They are almost all raised the same way as regular confinement birds.

Look for pastured poultry. Find a farm near you to buy from directly. Dont bother with grocery store eggs. They could already be 28 days old by the time you get them.

And the farmers selling to wholesalers are only getting about 60 cents per dozen for raising those eggs and the stores are charging 4 dollars or more per dozen.

Go to the farmers market and get your eggs directly from the farmer.

SteveandAlina said...

Mike -- I will try!!! Some days Steve and I barely have it together due to the juggling act of our jobs. But we do really want to give our kids (and us) healthy foods. I know there are a few Farmer's Markets around Naperville and the surrounding towns. I just need to get myself plugged in to the options and get it together. There are many times when we are running to the grocery store at 10pm or ordering grocery delivery from Peapod because we are both working so much.