Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 12

I missed week 11-- oh well. It is now week 12 of the summer.

We have ducklings. The other day we had 11 and I think now we are at 8. We decided not to try to grab them and just let nature take its course. We want ducks that can outwit the fox and survive on their own, with a little help of duck food from us. 2 mommas and 1 daddy below.

Those in the CSA know that it is TOMATO TIME!!!
Oh my goodness do we have tomatoes. This year as I grew a few 100 varieties, I have some new favorites. Below is a small beefsteak tomato called a Red Calabash. Wonderful taste, thin skinned and prolific. Great for backyard gardens where you want something cool and different than your regular round tomato.

I should have put my hand by this one-- you can't tell that it's about 2 lbs. I'll take more pictures today of the tomatoes but there are some really, really cool varieties.

We have eggs and chickens for sale. Eggs $5/dozen (we've been told our eggs are really good by folks who have tried lots of eggs). I think we have a few things we are doing that are contributing to the great eggs--- for a later blog. I think it has to do with our setup as well as our choice of chickens.

Also chickens for sales 4 lb'ers are $15 and 8 lb'ers are $20. We have about 40 left of the small ones and about 80 left of the 8lb'ers. We're debating whether we should do 1 more batch before winter. We might do 1 more anyway in case these others all sell out. I'd hate to have to go to our farmer friends and buy their chickens for ourselves to eat!

If you haven't placed your pork order with Mike--- hurry and do so.
We had no idea how popular the pigs would be. We have 3 and already 1 1/2 are spoken for. So if you didn't get a price listing send an email to Mike. We won't open it up to the general public but only for those in the CSA or egg shares (or our neighbor) at this point.

We are getting 5 new piglets this week. These will start out on pasture and if you get a chance to come over in the next 2 weeks--- come see the piglets. I thought chickens were fun to watch--- no way- pigs take the cake. and piglets.... it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about them running around squealing.

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