Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicken Feet Make the BEST Stock

WARNING!  If you are one of those people who don't like chicken feet - then skip this blog posting.  (I know there are several of you out there.....)

Chicken feet and necks = The Best Chicken Stock

That's it-- plain and simple. 

Though to make the stock, you have to get over what the pot looks like and the feet pointing up at you.  You need to remember to strain the stock well when transferring to the freezer or can or when just making soup the same day.  Kevin went to school one day with chicken soup and came home that afternoon saying "um mommy, I had a little foot bone in my soup today at school.  It was kind of freaky and also kind of funny"

If you look close you'll see the fingernails.... he-he.

Add Sage to this and then this is the old time recipe for chicken soup.  The whole chicken (including neck and feet) and fresh sage.  Evidently that's the cure for a cold.


Julie said...

I love homemade stock! Recently my meat lady mentioned turkey necks for stock. I bought some and tried it -- wow! It was the best batch of stock I have made to date. If I get brave, I'll have to ask her if she has any feet too :)

Annette said...

Just don't look at the pot much or kind of squint your eyes when you stir the pot.... you just need to get through the first few times.

Turkey necks-- fabulous. Just had a conversation over dinner about turkey soup. After you carve your turkey, throw any bones and leftovers you won't eat by themselves. Cook that and let it boil a while. Strain it and pull off any extra meat and and it back in the pot to make soup. Then add some gravy, some stuffing, even some cranberries, some more fresh veggies cut up- even some potatoes. The guy at dinner said his mother in law throws in 1 squeezed lemon as well as 1 tomato. You can just put everything in there at the outset and not strain and then make soup. I just like to strain because I don't like little parts of turkey that isn't 100% meat in my soup. (I'm picky that way)

I can't wait to try turkey feet to make turkey stock!