Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 18

Wow.  Week 18 of the CSA.... only 3 weeks left.  The tomatoes are done... so sad.

The fall season harvest is almost all up.
Below are Kohlrabi.... look for that little ball out of focus in the center.
I sure hope these keep going as they look pretty good so far.  I've learned that plants can look great one week and the next week something happens but these are looking good so far.  I think they will be ready for week 20.

Arugula may be ready this week or next week.  It was growing pretty slow but I am happy as no more silly little bugs eating them away.  I love fall for this reason.  

Lettuce is still our specialty.  For some reason it grows extremely well in our soil.  The asian greens are also doing well this fall.  But then that's what grows in the fall..... a new crop of purple beets are coming up as well and might be ready this week or next week.   

I am so sad this year that many of the fall squash and pumpkins were destroyed by squash bugs.  About 6 weeks ago I even went to the store to look for anything (yes even non-organic as I was desperate) that would kill squash bugs and found nothing. 

So some of the little pumpkins grew and a few squash-- but entirely disappointing.  I am so sad.  Organic farming sometimes really stinks....  it must take years to master the art of getting EVERYTHING to grow perfectly.  You win some crops, you lose some crops-- that's the way it goes. 

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SteveandAlina said...

Sorry to hear about the squash!!