Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun with Ink Berries

People ask me if our kids like living on the farm.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Not liking living on the farm generally has to do with chores, terrible air conditioning, very little space in our house and the fact that they still don't have a swing set.

They like living on the farm when baby animals are born, when the raspberries are growing, when we have bonfires, and for occasions like this one.  Doing 'experiments' with ink berries.  We now have a few pairs of socks that are purple/pink colored.  Luckily the kids are independent so they needed no help dragging over that huge plastic tub, filling it with water and ink berries and setting forth to 'experiment'.  

And then of course Frank, one of our border collies has to jump into the ink berry water and so we had a black and slightly pink dog for a few minutes.....he-he.

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Anonymous said...

Until I got a swing set we used an old tire and rope. The boys loved it. I truly think they miss it!