Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Pigs

Our last 3 pigs came back as pork this week.....
We almost sold out to the point where we didn't have enough left for us!
Whole hog sausage is the best!!!  Oh my goodness.  Whole hog sausage is what it sounds like.  Instead of just using the leftovers after the nice cuts are out to make sausage, you also throw in the good parts.  The result is a nice lean sausage where the fat melts perfectly when cooked and makes the sausage tender and juicy.

We decided we should get 5 pigs this time that will be ready in December so that we have more next time.  If you want part of these next pigs-- let Mike know now.  1 whole pig is around 150-200 lbs of meat.  So 1/4 pig would be 40-50 lbs.  So it's not a crazy amount of meat but certainly a decent portion.  And if you just want hog whole sausage, that's available as well.  I think our family could eat whole hog sausage every other day.  One of these days I'll do a blog on hog cuts.  I find it fun to learn what part of the animal is bacon, ham, chops, etc.....  not something they taught when I took home-ec in high school.

Above are the 5 new piglets.  These pigs will be true pastured hogs.  They'll live outside and have a lot of room to run around.  We really do like raising pigs so you'll see them on our farm from here on out.  


Derek said...

Wait a minute... Frannies took home-ec? :)

mySavioReigns said...

Maybe this is too in depth for a comment on a blog, but just how do you cook the sausage? Do you combine the sausage with any other types of meat? We combine our wild hog with venison that we kill because "that's the way we've always done it" and it has a 50/50 shot at tasting good. Sometimes it comes out tough, and sometimes it comes out tasting like the best sausage ever. I have no idea what we're doing wrong, but maybe I should just stick to pure hog sausage, if that's what you're doing.