Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 15

I skipped over weeks 13,14--- and now onto 15!

I've been canning. Tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes and salsa. I'm getting pretty good at it but it still amazes me how many tomatoes you need for a quart of sauce.

There is a point each day when the sun starts to set and gets right at the treeline. At that point in time, we have what we call:
5 minutes of beautifulness
5 minutes of gorgeousness
or my favorite
5 minutes of heaven

The trees are not turning the colors you see below-- but it looks like fall as in the photo are some crazy pumpkins that were growing in my compost pile.
We look outside and someone generally yells--- 5 MINUTES of X-- and we all run and jump on the golf cart vehicle and we ride around and find the best spot after 1 minute and then we turn off the engine and we sit there. Quiet, peaceful and we wait for the sun to go down.