Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dottie is hooked on sheep...

Bordie collies are fun dogs.  The downside is that if you have big windows and you put the sheep near your house... you get dogs that stare out windows for hours and hours.  I've been told that they are imagining how they'd get the sheep and they'll stare for hours.

The kids took advantage of this and created Dottie the firedog.

Here is a better angle of the sheep she was watching out the window.  She needs to be trained because later that night she broke into their area and they got out of the 2 wired temporary fence.  So Frank did his job and had to round up the 50+ sheep in the dark.  We couldn't find them so Mike was driving around and found deer, fox, cattle, our goats but no sheep-- Annette took the van and hit the back roads.  How can you lose 50 sheep I kept thinking.  They don't scatter as they stick together so they wouldn't go in the dense woods so they really could go only one way.

The sheep were evidently hiding in the enchanted forest which is our name for our patch of crazy exotic trees that the last owner planted to sell but then never sold.   (if you need a Japanese fir tree or weeping trees or anything that is normally a $800+ tree of which I know nothing about but which others who visit our property ooh and ahh about-- let us know-- we'll give you a deal and we've also got a friend who can move it for you).
So, Frank rounded them up and brought them to the front door.  Good dog.  Now if he would just stop rolling in poop....

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