Saturday, October 17, 2009

Local Honey- Local to Westminster Maryland that is

Since I was into drinking hot liquids this week, I decided I'd become more familiar with local honey.  We have quite a few in the house and added another this week.

If you suffer allergies then honey is supposed to help you if you eat local honey.  Also good for colds and when you are sick... and it's good wholesome sweetness.....  how could you go wrong with ANY honey.  What we have right now in our cupboard.

From left to right:  Keep in mind these comments are from someone who loves honey but doesn't have the finest taste buds- I tried my best to describe them.  I had fun tasting all the honey 4-5 times.... :)

#1Really Raw Honey says it's made in Baltimore.  It's cool because it is unstrained and unfiltered honey.  I'm not sure if that makes it better for you but its good honey.  It's usually a dense thick honey paste and has a fresh honey taste and powerful.  You can get a taste of clover, of flowers, of trees as they mix honey from lots of areas together.  

#2New jar of Country Harvest Honey from Manchester (our old home town) and says is wildflower honey.  I think it has a soft feel to it and it is a light honey with a strong lavender flavor to it.  Delightful!

#3and #4 are from the same place - Buck Naked Farm.  One jar has a comb piece in it and the other is your typical bear shaped container.   This honey is from Woodbine and I can't peg the flavor but its rich and full bodied.  I also love chewing bees wax.

#5 Hillside Apiary is in Westminster.  The honey has flower tones and clover and is medium bodied.  Its a sweet, sweet honey.  I need to try cookies with this honey.

#6Beever Lodge Honey is from Eldersburg, Maryland.  We know that this has a strong locust tree flavor as we helped process this honey.  It's our favorite of all of them probably because of this.  But it's also great honey.  It's light to medium bodied and not too sweet.  

I'll be buying more and more local honey.  I'm thinking that maybe honey would be better for us than sugar as we are a family that likes our sweets.  Can you make chocolate chip cookies with honey instead of sugar?  
I'll be looking into it.  


SteveandAlina said...

The honey sounds delicious... For sugar substitutes, we use agave nectar, blackstrap molasses, and pure maple syrup! and of course honey, too.

Annette said...

I saw some of that agave nectar at the store today--had no idea what it was. I'll have to try it out.

Anonymous said...

Agave nectar makes the best sweetener for margaritas.

Tila said...

I love my Hillside Apiary clover honey. I managed to get a small jar at the Maryland Wine Festival and I'm running low. I'll have to stock up next time. Thanks for your article on local honeys.