Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall is Really Here

Pigs are still adding enjoyment to our lives and farm experience.  Yesterday Mike was out by the pigs and 3 of them escaped.  he-he   Try catching pigs.  It's fun!  They'll go anywhere for food though.  That's really the trick.

Fall Harvest is over -- maybe a few more carrots and some baby choi-- but the frost last week got all the rest.  Anyone who wants their own zinnias next year can feel free to go dead head the zinnia patch.  I've got about 9 puffy gallons of seeds already.  I'm going to pick the rest this weekend.  My plan is to see how large of an area I can grow next year as I already have 20 times the seeds I started out with.  I also saved the sunflower seeds and so I should get a good section for sunflowers as well.  I was hoping someday to store enough seeds from the flowers to line the entire drive to our house with flowers.  That would be cool.  

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the story poet said...

Watched Michael Pollan on Charlie Rose discussing the terrifying state of industrial feedlot beef and other food. I will never buy hamburger from a grocery store ever again. If I can't find it at a local meat market, I'll go vegan. Truly terrifying what has happened to our food supply. You are on the cutting edge of the new movement of grassfed locally grown food. Your CSA customers and their family and friends are lucky to have you in the neighborhood.